Hack Facebook account

Kali Linux 2.0 Tutorials : Setoolkit Ettercap Dnsspoof (Hack Facebook) 

Everyone ask for how to hack facebookaccount with a simple method, like a program where you put a email address and get the password, this gave a chance to hackers to create fake programs and infect them to hacknoobs computers (windows users) … Fortunately kali linux users don’t think this way!

Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purposes only and we are NOT responsible in any way for how this information is used, use it at your own risk.

They have to many way that can help you to hack facebook account, one of them it’s fishing and i think it’s the best method, so in this article we will use DNSSPOOF Attack using Ettercap to transfer victims from the original facebook website to our fake page! And with Setoolkit we will create our fakeFacebook interface that we will use to get victims password.

Social Engineer Toolkit (SET)

The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) is specifically designed to perform advanced attacks against the human element. SET was designed to be released with the http://www.social-engineer.org launch and has quickly became a standard tool in a penetration testers arsenal. SET was written by David Kennedy (ReL1K) and with a lot of help from the community it has incorporated attacks never before seen in an exploitation toolset. The attacks built into the toolkit are designed to be targeted and focused attacks against a person or organization used during a penetration test.


Ettercap is a comprehensive suite for man in the middle attacks. It features sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly and many other interesting tricks. It supports active and passive dissection of many protocols and includes many features for network and host analysis.


Dnsspoof is a member of the Dsniff suittoolset and  works similarly to arpspoof . It lets you forge DNS responses for a DNS server on the local network . DNS runs on User Datagram Protocol (UDP), a connectionless protocol, a DNS client will send out a query and expect a response . The query is assigned a pseudo random identification number  which should be present in the answer from the DNS server. Then when the answer from the DNSserver will be received , it will just have to compare both numbers if they’re the same, the answer is taken as valid, otherwise it will be simply ignored . The DNS protocol relies on UDP for requests (TCP is used only for zone transfers –> communications between DNS servers), which means that it is easy to send a packet coming from a fake IP since there are no SYN/ACK numbers (Unlike TCP, UDP doesn’t provide a minimum of protection against IP spoofing) .

Hack Facebook

After a simple presentation of the tools and ways we will use to hack facebook’s account let’s start hacking …
All the steps for this tutorial are explained on a Video on our Youtube Channel you can subscribe to it by this link they are many other tutorials that you can learn about bypassing and hacking and others basics tutorials aboutkali linux 2.0 (Kali Sana).

If you have encountered a problem or you have any questions or remarks please feel free to set a comment. 

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